I'm Nadine, or you can call me Deen, either is good! I've been an artist ever since I was introduced to Play Dough as a child and spent most of my childhood playing with clay. During high school I dabbled in ceramics, painting, and drawing and was inducted to the National Art Honors Society for 3 years while I was there.

(this is still one of my favorite creations)


I was accepted into Tyler School of Art's Graphic and Interactive Design program and after more all nighters than I'm happy to admit, I've recently graduated with my Bachelor in Fine Arts. Despite graduating, I am always looking to further my knowledge and learn more.

When not in front of my laptop, I'm either kayaking, trying to make my family eat my vegan food, or hugging my beautiful bulldog Tank.

Check out my resume!

Currently employed at Vault Communications

Feel free to email me at nadine.leeper915@gmail.com